Trip to Hoboken

This past weekend, I went to see old friends in Hoboken, NJ.  I went with my good buddy, Alan and left on….

Thursday – 6am drove to the airport – plane was diverted after we flew around Newark for over a half hour due to weather.  By 12:30pm we were in Pittsburgh and by 3pm we were back in Milwaukee.  We stayed around the Milwaukee airport to see if we could get a flight out and we did… at 6pm.  We had a show to go see at 8pm in NYC.  We showed up at the Newark airport at 9:10pm – we didn’t make our show.  No Priscilla.  But we did get to see our pals and get to bed.

Friday – woke up, had lunch at Vynyl (a great spot for lunch with records stapled to the ceiling and album covers as menues) We made some pitstops for shopping and went back to get ready to go out.  I don’t remember much that night – but I”m sure I had fun!

Saturday – Ate at a GREAT BBQ place (Dallas) and got to see The Divine Sister at the Soho Theater.  Went out after that and got to bed after some leftover Chinese food and a cocktail.

Sunday – Went to Brooklyn – Did a lot of walking and shopping and came back to rest, get food and pack for the ride home.

Monday – Left Hoboken at 9:30am and got back to Milwaukee in the afternoon.  Weather was perfect and it was so nice to spend time with friends even after the delay!

Here are some pix of the weekend – Enjoy and I hope you had a GREAT weekend too!


How Many More Gays Does God Need to Create?



Exodus Syns


I”m currently reading: EXODUS by Leon Uris and so far – it’s an AWESOME read!

From the book: Exodus is an international publishing phenomenon–the towering novel of the twentieth century’s most dramatic geopolitical event. Leon Uris magnificently portrays the birth of a new nation in the midst of enemies–the beginning of an earthshaking struggle for power. Here is the tale that swept the world with its fury: the story of an American nurse, an Israeli freedom fighter caught up in a glorious, heartbreaking, triumphant era. Here is “Exodus –one of the great best-selling novels of all time.

Check it out and then rent the movie!

“Passionate summary of the inhuman treatment of the Jewish people in Europe, of the exodus in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to Palestine, and of the triumphant founding of the new Israel.” — “The New York Times”

Let me know what y’all are reading too!



some new syns


Had a BLAST this past weekend up in Stevens Point!  It was the 42nd Trivia game there and Endora, Flippy, my brother and I were playing 54 hours of NON-STOP trivia!  I’ll have pix later about all the fun we had.

We came in 222nd place – fun times!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!

As for me – I’m getting ready for my date tonight!!

It’s been while for me – so I’m kind of nervous – I’ll let y’all know how it turns out –

Happy Tuesday!


Syns in Point

This past weekend I had a great time visiting my mom and brother.

My brother isn’t doing too well with his seizures – he is dizzy a lot and they seem to be more powerful than before.

That said – it was a great time seeing both of them this weekend!  I had a lot of food – because that’s what my mom does – cook! mmmmm

It was a very quiet time – especially since my mom got on demand free movies – we saw SOOOO many flicks this weekend!

After mom’s I went to Appleton, met up with Alan on Sunday.

Shopped a bit and went back to Milwaukee.

A very fun-filled weekend – hope you had one as well!


Same Old Syns

I just freaked a bit and forgot about posting something in a long time – but then I thought about what to talk about….

I really don’t know –

Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker is still a big pain in the ass.

I’m still single.

Elizabeth Taylor died.

I was in Green Bay last weekend.

Seeing my mom soon.

I’m sure there’ll be more exciting things to write about soon – but until then – I do hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!



Syns in the Afternoon

Favorite Quote From GLEE:  “Afternoon Delight is a dessert. It’s made with coconut, and pineapple and marshmallow fluff.”

Doesn’t get much better than that!  LOVE IT!

This weekend I’m having a reunion with a great college friend, going out drinking, toying with the idea of protesting in Madison and perhaps a movie…

Who knows….

Hope your weekend is fun-filled and busy – and if not, at least I’m hoping you’ll be relaxing with a nice glass of wine or a bit of brandy.



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