Trip to Hoboken

This past weekend, I went to see old friends in Hoboken, NJ.  I went with my good buddy, Alan and left on….

Thursday – 6am drove to the airport – plane was diverted after we flew around Newark for over a half hour due to weather.  By 12:30pm we were in Pittsburgh and by 3pm we were back in Milwaukee.  We stayed around the Milwaukee airport to see if we could get a flight out and we did… at 6pm.  We had a show to go see at 8pm in NYC.  We showed up at the Newark airport at 9:10pm – we didn’t make our show.  No Priscilla.  But we did get to see our pals and get to bed.

Friday – woke up, had lunch at Vynyl (a great spot for lunch with records stapled to the ceiling and album covers as menues) We made some pitstops for shopping and went back to get ready to go out.  I don’t remember much that night – but I”m sure I had fun!

Saturday – Ate at a GREAT BBQ place (Dallas) and got to see The Divine Sister at the Soho Theater.  Went out after that and got to bed after some leftover Chinese food and a cocktail.

Sunday – Went to Brooklyn – Did a lot of walking and shopping and came back to rest, get food and pack for the ride home.

Monday – Left Hoboken at 9:30am and got back to Milwaukee in the afternoon.  Weather was perfect and it was so nice to spend time with friends even after the delay!

Here are some pix of the weekend – Enjoy and I hope you had a GREAT weekend too!


How Many More Gays Does God Need to Create?



Exodus Syns


I”m currently reading: EXODUS by Leon Uris and so far – it’s an AWESOME read!

From the book: Exodus is an international publishing phenomenon–the towering novel of the twentieth century’s most dramatic geopolitical event. Leon Uris magnificently portrays the birth of a new nation in the midst of enemies–the beginning of an earthshaking struggle for power. Here is the tale that swept the world with its fury: the story of an American nurse, an Israeli freedom fighter caught up in a glorious, heartbreaking, triumphant era. Here is “Exodus –one of the great best-selling novels of all time.

Check it out and then rent the movie!

“Passionate summary of the inhuman treatment of the Jewish people in Europe, of the exodus in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to Palestine, and of the triumphant founding of the new Israel.” — “The New York Times”

Let me know what y’all are reading too!



some new syns


Had a BLAST this past weekend up in Stevens Point!  It was the 42nd Trivia game there and Endora, Flippy, my brother and I were playing 54 hours of NON-STOP trivia!  I’ll have pix later about all the fun we had.

We came in 222nd place – fun times!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!

As for me – I’m getting ready for my date tonight!!

It’s been while for me – so I’m kind of nervous – I’ll let y’all know how it turns out –

Happy Tuesday!


Syns in Point

This past weekend I had a great time visiting my mom and brother.

My brother isn’t doing too well with his seizures – he is dizzy a lot and they seem to be more powerful than before.

That said – it was a great time seeing both of them this weekend!  I had a lot of food – because that’s what my mom does – cook! mmmmm

It was a very quiet time – especially since my mom got on demand free movies – we saw SOOOO many flicks this weekend!

After mom’s I went to Appleton, met up with Alan on Sunday.

Shopped a bit and went back to Milwaukee.

A very fun-filled weekend – hope you had one as well!


Same Old Syns

I just freaked a bit and forgot about posting something in a long time – but then I thought about what to talk about….

I really don’t know –

Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker is still a big pain in the ass.

I’m still single.

Elizabeth Taylor died.

I was in Green Bay last weekend.

Seeing my mom soon.

I’m sure there’ll be more exciting things to write about soon – but until then – I do hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!



Syns in the Afternoon

Favorite Quote From GLEE:  “Afternoon Delight is a dessert. It’s made with coconut, and pineapple and marshmallow fluff.”

Doesn’t get much better than that!  LOVE IT!

This weekend I’m having a reunion with a great college friend, going out drinking, toying with the idea of protesting in Madison and perhaps a movie…

Who knows….

Hope your weekend is fun-filled and busy – and if not, at least I’m hoping you’ll be relaxing with a nice glass of wine or a bit of brandy.



Syns of Who Past

I just got another pic from the Doctor Who weekend in L.A.  (Thanks Shawn)

Anywho –

This weekend was FUN!

I went to Green Bay to visit my pal, Alan.

We boozed it up, bitched about men, and had a GRAND ol’Time at a Drag Show.

I reconnected with Jarica Jordan, met old and new friends, went shopping, got a haircut… etc.

FYI – The further you go up North… the cheaper the drinks….

Hope everyone had a good, long weekend!



Sleepin’ Single Syns in a Double Bed

Not that it’s anyone’s fault, but I hate couples overlooking us singles!

I was out last night and 2 couples made plans in front of me – double date if you will – I never felt like such a ‘3rd’ or ‘5th’ wheel before.

I know, I know – it’s not just because I”m not a ‘real’ person unless I have a ‘sig-oth’… they just feel more comfy around other couples.

It’s still sucks.

Happy Friday!


V8 Syns

I just have to vent somewhere:

I went to a vending machine this morning and wanted to get a healthy drink – so, I got V8 Splash Tropical Blend.

WOW was I wrong.

2nd ingredient is high fructose corn syrup.


In a fruit drink??

You’d think that ACTUAL fruit would sweeten the drink up.

Evidently you need corn syrup.

I looked at this on the back of the can, frowned and threw it away.

Message to V8: GET A CLUE.


Tarot Night Syns

For those of you just tuning in:  Yesterday’s post was based on the Wicca Calendar I got this year!  It had a lot of talk about worms and Spring and I just went off on a tangent.

The reason why I’m tellin’ ya all this?

Well, I’m gettin’ witchy back!

Allanah Powers is coming over tonight and we’re going to be doing some wine and tarot card readings – it’s been a long, long time.

Well – not so long, the last time was New Years’ Eve – and that was fun – but this time, it’ll be more concentrated/focused.

One of the last things I’ve done was the Ouija board at the haunted house with Flippy – so keep your fingers crossed!



March Madness!!

“The worms go in; the worms go out,

they play pinochle on your snout.

They eat your eyes; they eat your nose,

they eat the jelly between your toes.”

Yes, it’s March!!  Almost time for Spring – and hopefully new relationships!!

Worms, while deep in the soil, keep things fertilized and growing are a great metaphor for Spring that’s coming.  This could be taken in many forms: new jobs, new homes, new dwellings or hey…. How about new relationships?

hrmmmm.. Alright then this just opens up a new can of worms so how about ::::::

7 Things You May Need in Your New Relationship:

1) They should be emotionally ready – or at least ’emotionally present’

2) Relationships past should be dead and buried (or at least don’t bring them up on the first date…)

3) Prospective dates should want to see you more than once a month

4) Excuses on not being able to see you should end in the 3rd grade – if they keep on ‘having things’ come up – well I think  you know what you need to do

5) You should be more important than role-playing games – unless you’re part of the game *wink-wink*

6) Yes, sometimes Big is just Too Big…. (blood/alcohol levels factor in this)

7) Don’t settle!

(( Of course these all are mute if you find that the one you’re interested doesn’t wanna date you in the first place, but I digress…))

So, maybe these little tidbits of dating help will guide you (and perhaps me as well).  And remember: while we are lying in the cold, darkness of winter – the music of Spring coming from under the soil and from the trees should remind us of things to come.  Keep looking forward, dancing to your own beat and learning is never out-dated!



Ferguson @ Who

Craig Ferguson’s camera crew came to Gallifrey One while I was there – well, I wasn’t around for it – but I did find some footage of it (see below):

That was just a taste of the convention – the whole thing lasted Friday-Sunday.  Plenty of drinking and socializing and I attended lots of panel discussions about various Who-related stuff.

That being said… Can you believe what’s going on in Madison??  OMG!




Break it Down

Breaking it down to 2 simple words:

Men Suck

Happy Thursday!


Who in L.A.: The Rest of the Story

Thursday Night:  Took the flight from Milwaukee to L.A. at 6pm – My friend Alan offered to drive me (Thanks Alan!).  It was a non-stop flight and it was packed!  I was quite nervous about the trip – or anxious.  In any event, the flight was relatively calm and nothing major happened.  I arrived in L.A. about 9pm and got myself to the hotel.  Ate, showered and went to bed about 11pm. 

Friday:  I woke up as early as I could and registered at 10am – after coffee.  Gallifrey One started at noon with Matthew Waterhouse.  After I got my name tag I walked around, ate some lunch and settled into my first panal.  After Matthew’s there was the one with Peter Davidson, Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton.  These were all former companions with the fifth doctor.  It was incredible to see them all on stage – over 30 years from when they were on the show!  They all had GREAT chemistry together – but I found out that the reason Matthew was separate was because they ALL don’t get along that great…. oh well.

Later that day there was also a panal with the voice of K9 (!)  I LOVED IT!!

During the convention – I had time to walk around and make friends.  One guy, Kevin and I, walked around the vendor area to see what they were selling.  I was passing a table and I went white!  It was Sarah Douglas’ booth and she was there with her token gay pal.  She asked if I was ok – and I mumbled that I couldn’t believe that I was in front of a legend.  Sarah was so taken with my reaction to her that she told me she had to take a picture with me.  Imagine – me and a Superman nemesis!!  I almost fainted.  Turns out Sarah was there for her work on the games and various audio work.  She ROCKED!  I found out that they were staying at the same hotel I was in and I was told to stop by whenever… I didn’t because it was 2am by the time I got back to the hotel.

Why?  Well there were lots of things still to partake in at the convention.  One was the MST3K edition of the 5th Doctor’s first episode – it was insane!  After that there was a party, drinking, etc.  I met many cool people there and soon found out that there is a HUGE gay following of the show!

Saturday:  After getting some breakfast I walked over to the host hotel and settled in for more panal discussions.  I met Sammi, a bigger trivia freak than I am!  I went to the panal with Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding – 2 of the companions.  At that panal I found out that it was a major bitch session about how women and actors were treated on the show.  It was an eye-opener – VERY much worth the price I paid at the door!  These are very intelligent women and their panal was one of the highlights!  They were both asked if they were confronted by the new Dr. Who, if they would consider being a part of it.  Sarah said she would consider it, but she’s not acting anymore – but Janet said she definately would because the writers in the new show actually care about the characters.  Basically, I think that the old series should have probably had more than one director on hand.  One for the technical stuff and the other for the actors – but hind sight is always 20/20.

There were tons of other discussions and then the 5th doctor came on stage to have his talk.  It was interrupted when Janet Fielding came on and the two of them had the floor.  It was turning into JANET-CON!  And I didn’t mind.  The Australian actress/former agent was in rare form and it was a delight. 

After a quick bite to eat, we all headed to a great party.  Much drinking ensued, more friends met (Hey Shawn!) and I stumbled back to my hotel at like 3am this time!  I don’t know how I remembered how to get back there after all the vodka, but I managed.

Sunday:  I found Sammi and the 2 of us chatted before the Sarah Jane panal started.  There were less major discussions going on – but the smaller ones seemed interesting as well and Shawn found me and we settled in for an afternoon of fun!  The Torchwood panal was AMAZING!! They offered a few spoilers (ask me about them…) and when they opened the panal up for questions who was the first one to get called on?  None other than Janet Fielding!  She asked the writer what his definition of ‘science fiction’ was and he basically said that he didn’t consider Doctor Who true sci-fi.  It was more of an action/adventure show.  Interesting.

I had to catch my plane after dinner.  I got back to the hotel, grabbed my bags and left for LAX and the red-eye flight at 9pm.  I got in Monday morning at 6:15am.

Met lots of new friends and I found out that people actually like to spend longer than a couple of hours with me!  Yes, it was quite the long, yet enjoyable weekend!  Hope yours was too!


Who in L.A.

There’s a Doctor Who Convention in L.A. this weekend!  It’s having many people from the 5th Doctor (the one I grew up with).  Peter Davidson will be there along with Janet Fielding (Tegan), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa) and Matthew Waterhouse (Adric)!!!!

I’m in WHO-Heaven!

There will be speakers from Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures and a lot of the audio episodes.  K9 will also be on hand (?!?)

Needless to say, I’ll be quite a busy boy this weekend – I’ll try to get as much info and photos up as I can, but I cannot promise anything so just bear with me, oK?

I hope everyone is having a GREAT week so far!! (And I hope you got out yesterday and voted!!)


Another Town, Another Weekend

This weekend, I went home to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

It was very cool to go home and see her brand new kitchen!! She’s been getting a new one for about a month and it just got finished.  New floors, new cupboards, etc.  VERY spiffy!

Friday I came home after an awlful drive!  It was pitch black, snowy and very hard to see.  I did make it safely tom my mom’s and had a late dinner and went to bed after my mom and I hung out.

Saturday I took my mom and brother shopping.  Got some cool things for my mom (facial scrubs, glasses, various stuff – oh and I came down – which is a HUGE present in and of itself!!  I even got a haircut (and color)…

Dan had a hard day tho – 5 (?!?!) siezures!  After the last one (a violent one) we learned a valubable lesson – sometimes you just have to step away from a siezure even though you want to help.  You may get hurt in the crossfire.  I just hope he will be ok.  My mom is a real trooper!

Sunday – after plenty of rest from the day before – we had a nice breakfast, Hallmark movies and a cool lunch.  Driving back home was better – I did it in the day light!  I even made it back just in enough time to see and mock the Grammys with my roommate, Flippy!

All in all it was quite the weekend – hope you had a nice one!


Love-y Syns

It’s that time of year again when Cupid tries to interfere in our lives, people think it’s awesome to give their loved one lots of chocolate, wine and/or roses and Walgreens has nothing but candy hearts on the shelves – yeppers, it’s Valentine’s Day!

I just turned the page of my calendar and they suggested something really cool if you’re in a relationship:  Choose a branch or small tree, evergreen for example.  Grasp each branch and visualize on each one: The Future.  Send out your wishes and hopes through your hands and into the tree.  Take a piece of your hair and twine it around the tree/branches – become part of the tree of hope.

If you’ve broken up with someone – take something that represents the breakup (stone, ribbon, jewelry, etc).  Take this in your hands and visualize EVERYTHING about the relationship (good and bad).  Cast it away as soon as you feel you’ve given it all you can.  Bury it, throw it in water, burn, etc.

And if you don’t have a relationship (like yours truly) – Just keep pluggin’ along, you’ll be just fine!

Happy Weekend!


Syns of Glee

I think it’s annoying how Kurt is being portrayed.  1st Season this character showed us that it’s ok to be different and he was actually a strong personality.

This season he’s a whiny fag. OMG!

Not only did he become a wimp and a parody of himself, he BACKED down when faced with a bully.

It shows that we (gays), should just run and hide.


I, for one, am sick of this plan of action.

Anyone else?

Photo: http://cdn.babble.com/famecrawler/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/glee-kurt.jpg

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